When I first met Dr. Kinnear a year and a half ago, I was suffering from a severe equestrian accident where a thousand pound adult arabian horse kicked me in the head, hip and center of my back. Dr. Kinnear's superb chiropractic services and techniques were so efficient in enabling my speedy recovery because he took the time to consult with me in order learn the extreme complications I was facing. He then implemented his chiropractic plan which effectuated my recovery. His work successfully removed me from being wheel chair bound, pain ridden and unable to walk. To this day, I still use Dr. Kinnear's services on a weekly basis and highly recommend him to anyone searching for a chiropractor. 
-- Katia Onasis
"Dr. Kinnear left Virginia too long ago for the west coast. I miss his work so much and in all the years I have worked with chiropractic physicians, no one has begun to come close to the level of healing he does. He is such a gifted physician and healer. All of his patients are so incredibly fortunate and blessed to have him as their chiropractor." 
--Janis Bly

Dr. Kinnear is the only doctor/chiropractor who healed and helped me out of years of suffering pain from being a violinist and my clicking trigger thumb by his laser treatments. He has a gift of skill and intuition with what patients really need. To me he's a saint.
--Alicia Previn
"I feel blessed to be in Dr. Kinnear's care. He is truly committed to his patients' well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. He knows that healing takes place on all levels - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Thank you, Dr. Kinnear!"
--Patricia Mongold
"I just feel 200% better. Dr. Kinnear was my life saver."
--Loretta Winters
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